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Keeping UAE Hydrated since 2008. We deal in multiple leading brands with KENT water filters being our bestseller.

Products & Services

Wide Range of Products Available, Commercial and Domestic. Providing Maintenance and Repair Service All Over UAE!

Kent Grand

Kent Excell+

Kent Stirling

Shower Filter

Big Blue Jumbo Water Filtration System

UV Ultraviolet

G2P600 Tankless Water Purifier

About us

Aqua Prime UAE has been providing best quality water purification service since 2008, serving a client base of more than 12,000. Our clients are our family, and our family always stays healthy and hydrated. We deal in multiple leading brands with KENT water filters being our bestseller.

Market leading technology

Eliminate contaminants, bacteria and microplastics with our reverse osmosis filtration systems!

7 Layer Filtration

Improved membrane materials remove impurities of up to 0.0001 microns.

UV Sterilizer

Eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria automatically as water flows.

Higher Flow Rate

Fills a cup within 6 seconds, over 800 gallons per day!

Smart indicator

Displays real-time TDS values, so you can monitor your water quality and replacement dates.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Free Maintenance for First Whole Year!

Low water waste

Saves more water than traditional reverse osmosis filtration systems!

Filtration solutions catered to what you need


Pure drinking water straight from the tap


Efficient water purification in the business


Ideal filtration for small restaurants and cafes

Client Reviews

"Alina Babadjanova"

If I could give more stars I would . Amazing experience, Sarah took time to arrive for actual installation and explained everything about the system. Smart system tells you about the quality of water . Water taste really good , overall very happy . Highly recommend you this company. Can’t thanks them enough my whole family likes the taste of water and it’s so convenient.

"Adrian D"

Bought a G2P600 from Waterdrop and had the unit installed myself. There were some quality issues that came out when I first had the water tested by an independent laboratory. Reported the issue back to Waterdrop and they responded quickly. They did not stop until everything is sorted out and the unit passed independent lab tests. Now we enjoy fresh drinking water straight off the tap. Amazing product backed by customer service that is second to none. You can buy Aqua Prime UAE products with confidence in the knowledge that they stand behind their products. Thank you Sarah and the entire team at Waterdrop.

"Christine Travis"

Love love love our slim design water filter, It doesn’t take up the whole under sink cupboard. Super helpful and friendly staff, special mention to Sarah who’s been patient in answering all my questions, she even came to our home to make sure the installation was seamless. Best part is, I don’t have to pay for a yearly contract because I can replace the filter by myself.